Welcome to Sato-Ha Karatedo Australia.
Welcome to Shitoryu Karate-Do Sato Kai Ettalong, the leading karate Dojo in Australia. Our Dojo offers exceptional training programs for all skill levels, providing a transformative path of self-discipline, respect, and personal development. Join us today and unlock your true potential in the art of karate.
Run by Ron Matthews 7th Dan (Shihan) who has trained and graded in Japan since 1990 under direct instruction from Senior Japanese Instructors Akira Sato 9th Dan (Soke), Suzuki Seiko 9th Dan, Ohgiya Naoyuki, 8th Dan, Tetsu Watanabe 8th Dan and Kanno Hidetomo 8th Dan.
Ron has competed at State, National and International level winning a bronze medal at the World Championships in Japan in 2012.
Our Dojo offers exceptional training for all skill levels from novice to advanced Black belts.

We offer opportunities to train with senior Japanese and International Instructors from over 20 countries..
Senior Japanese Instructors Ron has studied under in Japan.
including Akira Sato (9th Dan Soke), Suzuki Seiko (9th Dan), Tetsu Watanabe (8th Dan), Ohgiya Naoyuki (8th Dan), and Kanno Hidetomo (8th Dan). Ron brings vast expertise and dedication to his teaching. Join us to learn from his exceptional instructing and embark on your journey of mastery.
Our Legacy of Karate Excellence
At Shitoryu Karate-Do Sato Kai Ettalong, we take pride in our rich karate lineage. Guided by skilled instructors with a deep understanding of the art, we carry forward the traditions and techniques of Shitoryu Karate. Our Dojo is a sanctuary for those seeking a profound journey of self-improvement through martial arts.
Traditional Values
We uphold the core principles of discipline, respect, and humility, instilling in our students a strong foundation of character.
Technical Expertise
Our experienced instructors possess a wealth of knowledge and skills, honed over years of dedicated training and competition.
Cultural Connection
We honor the rich history and cultural significance of karate, fostering a deeper understanding of its roots and traditions.
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Sato Ha Shito Ryu International Federation

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The Karate Journey Begins
Embark on a remarkable path of personal growth and physical fitness through our exceptional training programs. Our Dojo provides a supportive environment that welcomes beginners and challenges experienced practitioners. Discover the art of kata, develop powerful techniques, and cultivate mental focus to enhance your overall well-being.


Beginner-Friendly Classes
Designed for newcomers, our classes focus on fundamentals, introducing basic techniques and building a strong foundation.


Advanced Training
For experienced practitioners, we offer specialized classes to expand skills, refine techniques, and explore advanced kata.


Competitive Opportunities
For those seeking to test their skills, we provide avenues for competition at Regional and National levels.
Unleash Your Potential
Karate is more than just physical training; it is a transformative journey that shapes your character and empowers you to overcome challenges. By embracing the principles of discipline, respect, and focus, you will unlock your true potential, not only in the Dojo but in all aspects of life.
"The ultimate aim of karate lies not in victory or defeat, but in the perfection of the character of its participants." - Gichin Funakoshi
Join Our Karate Family
At Shitoryu Karate-Do Sato Kai Ettalong, we foster a strong sense of community and camaraderie. Join us and become part of a supportive network of like-minded individuals who share a passion for karate and personal growth.
Martial Arts: A Lifelong Journey
Karate is not just a short-term pursuit; it is a lifelong journey of personal development and self-discovery. The benefits extend far beyond physical fitness and self-defense, encompassing mental resilience, emotional well-being, and spiritual growth.


Beginner's Mindset
Approach each training session with an open mind, ready to learn and grow.


Continuous Improvement
Commit to constant practice and refine your skills to reach new heights.


Mastering Self
Through disciplined training and self-reflection, develop a deeper understanding of yourself.
The Karate Spirit
Karate embodies a powerful spirit that transcends the physical realm. It instills mental fortitude, emotional resilience, and a strong sense of self-confidence. Unleash the warrior within and experience the transformative power of karate.
Inner Focus
Find peace and clarity through meditation and introspection.
Dynamic Energy
Experience the exhilaration of sparring and testing your skills in controlled combat.
Milestone Achievements
Celebrate each advancement in belt rank as a testament to your dedication and growth.
Experience Shitoryu Karate-Do Sato Kai Ettalong
Are you ready to embark on an extraordinary journey of self-discovery and personal growth? Join Shitoryu Karate-Do Sato Kai Ettalong today and experience the transformative power of karate. Unlock your true potential and become part of a vibrant community passionate about the martial arts.
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